Monday, December 31, 2012

289: The Gobbler

What started out as Thanksgiving spoof character turned into something scary. The Gobbler, outfitted with a device that can capture his foes and trap them in a pocket dimension! On top of that, he can then feed off their energy to boost his physical prowress!

5 comments: said...

It looks like something Jack Kirby would have designed. I like it!

Adam said...

Excellent job on this latest addition. I have truly enjoyed this blog. There are some very creative characters that remind me of the silver age of comics. I hope that these creations will end up in a possible comic book series or their own universe.

If I may, I'd like to suggest a few character ideas of my own.

1) Gargantu-Ann: Much like your characters Adrenal Lynn and Tenta-Kelly, a character named Ann who can grow 50ft tall to handle any colossal-sized dangers.

2) Brickhouse: Inspired by the song, a drop-dead gorgeous heroine (or villain, your pick) with super strength and is nigh invulnerable due to her red brick-like skin.

3) Doggerel: Part human, part dog, all lackey. This diminutive henchmen serves by his master's side as the comic relief/punching bag. Could work for the likes of Royal Pain, Despot, or Denouement.

4) Crackerjack: A British mercenary who is the best at what he does. His trademark weapon is bombs and high explosives.

5) Slash & Burn: A two-person hit squad. Slash is a female assassin with artificial nano-tech limbs: she can turn her metal arms and legs into knifes, blades, and other stabbing weapons. Burn is a psychokinetic that can manipulate fire into any shape or form but he must use cybernetic flame throwers that are implanted into his hands, feet (for flight), chest, and head.

Have a happy new year.

Isaac Carravaggio said...

I've just discovered this blog (thanks /co/mrades) and I am very impressed with the results. It's a great idea and I'd like to do something similar. Can I ask, what do you think has been the most useful thing you've learned or got out of participating in this challenge?
Thanks and keep up the good work!

Everett Downing said...

fanboyprime- Thanks!

Adam- Great names. If you don't mind, name suggestions are perfect, but I'm asking that no powers or origins are suggested. I like the brainstorming process of coming up with that as I draw the super. Keep stopping by for more!

Issac- The biggest thing I've learned is to stop sweating about "drawing awesome" and just draw. When I stop over thinking I feel like a lot of great things can happen. Thanks for your comments.

Adam said...

OK, I'll keep that in mind next time a couple names come to mind. Thanks and keep up the great work. =)