Saturday, December 29, 2012

287: Cloud Giant

Theoretical physicist Johm Bellows converts his body into high density gas.


Macronaut said...

After seeing all of these, couldn't help suggesting a few more ...

(1) Graven Image -- covered in runes and can make illusions by writing runes on things
(2) Gravitas -- A very serious guy who can manipulate gravity
(3) Hellion -- demonic, bratty mischief-maker
(4) Iron Chef -- speaks for itself. Can't hurt a man with iron skin, and he throws a mean cleaver!
(5) Ornery -- A less demonic version of Hellion, but far more irritating
(6) Praying Mantis -- A priest mutated into an insect with badass kung fu!
(7) Rapscallion -- a dashing MC, rap entrepeneur and swashbuckler, betrayed only by his strong onion scent
(8) Dipso Facto -- A drunken genius
(9) Origamma -- Radioactive hero who can fold himself into complex shapes
(10) Secret Sauce -- Top secret agent able to change people's perception of taste. Glad he's one of ours!


Jason Torchinsky said...

Maybe these will help inspire you as well-- great job so far!