Tuesday, December 18, 2012

283: Miss Chief

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Woodrobin said...

Her Awesome Power: Blessed with the Sacred Calumet (peace pipe) by White Buffalo Woman during a vision, Miss Chief now possesses the power to deflect any attack with her indestructible tomahawks, the Smoke of Peace that quells the most aggressive foes, and the speed, strength and endurance of ten braves.

Her Dark Secret: In her secret identity of Elli Rosenblatt, liberal arts major at Vassar, she is plagued by existential angst over the cultural appropriation and objectification embodied in her transformation into a physically perfect Native American superhero, the implied endorsement of the tobacco industry inherent in her powers, and a nagging fear that her foes will one day discover that her "vision" was induced by really awesome Maui Wowie she overindulged in at a dorm party.